31 Jul 2020

In this time when we are all needing to limit our lives in many ways, we can also remember we are FREE TO FLY in our minds.   Post Traumatic Growth describes the phenomenon by which traumatic events, struggling with adversity and being under pressure, can actually prove helpful in the long term for many people.   It helps them develop new skills and draws on qualities they were perhaps unaware of.   It can lead them to them to challenge the status quo, to appraise and evaluate their lives and make permanent changes.   The lockdown has given us the opportunity to develop and grow differently.


It has been wonderful to hear more bird song with less traffic noise and cleaner air both in the skies, with less aircraft and on the ground with less exhaust pollution.   Birds are demonstrating how to be free and nesting in all sorts of places.   It reminded me of when Luke was born, three weeks prematurely, and I fed him every three hours sitting watching the swallows who had nested over his nursery window.   It was a magical time in the early hours of the morning hearing the chattering of small chicks, while feeling the stillness and gentleness of feeding my new baby.


I heard from Andrew Blackman who was our first LUKE BITMEAD BURSARY WINNER with his book ON THE HOLLOWAY ROAD that had excellent reviews.   Remembering a part of one “He writes beautifully, making the mundane extraordinary and the everyday fascinating.”   Andrew is now in Bulgaria with his wife Genie having new adventures but at the moment lockdown means he is spending a little more time there than expected.   He also has noticed the bird song.   A family of starlings are nesting in the guttering by a window in his apartment.   At home a blackbird has nested in the rungs of a ladder which means I will have dirty windows for a while!   Three fledgling blackbirds hopping around the garden is a delight.

Ever since lockdown was imposed, we have needed to make sure our attitude to it was positive and creative.   If we change our attitude everything changes.   We need to allow ourselves to be entwined with the life force of nature which stimulates growth.   The opposite of Covid-19 – death.

It’s inspiring to see the humanity, innovation and persistence that’s making us push ahead through the unknown.   This innovation – from all corners of the globe – is what is working very well right now.   The indomitable heart of people who understand what really matters.  

Returning to the swallows, in ancient Greece, the swallow was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of Love.   I send you all good health and love.