31 Jul 2020

It feels as if The Luke Bitmead Memorial Fund has burst into 2016, like the fireworks last night, with vibrancy, energy and colour lighting up the skies.
With the vigorous Legend Press team and our vivacious, spirited and in some cases very energetic supporters of LBMF I am thinking of the ultra- marathon, it feels as if we have grown even more this year in our ability to find creative talent and provide the atmosphere for it to grow.
Cheques fell out of Christmas cards and we have promises for donations that will help provide the money for the Bursary and the other finalists' prizes, this year.     
Then there was the man, who I didn't know, who held the microphone for me because of my damaged right hand.   Although we had hardly exchanged any words, I could feel his empathy as I spoke of Luke's suicide so different to the many people who have turned away.   Yes, I understand it is because they don't know what to say but simply showing compassion by listening can be healing.
We feel truly inspired by the solidarity that we feel from all the people who have sent donations and expressed their belief in what we do to remember and honour Luke in a creative way.
I am also inspired personally by people's generosity of spirit.   The friend who gave me a little book full of Buddha's instructions and she particularly pointed out these words. "Every life has a measure of sorrow.   Sometimes it is this that awakens us."   How true this has proved to be as we talk more about mental health states and reducing the stigma that inhibits understanding.   Another one "There is the path of fear and the path of love.   Which will we follow?"   A profound question worth thinking about to find your own answer, nobody can provide this for you.
We are not independent but interdependent.
 May I wish you all a New Year that brings new insight and much joy.
Elaine Hanson