31 Jul 2020

This is potentially a life changing week both powerful and historic. It brings a total Lunar Eclipse plus a rare 'Grand Cross' shape of heavenly bodies. During a Luna Eclipse the earth's shadow passes between the Sun and the Moon. Briefly the Moon is plunged into darkness. It can no longer reflect the glorious light of our star.
It is worth remembering in life when we find ourselves in a dark place that we can change this by changing what is around us. This sometimes means changing the people we interact with. It is possible to learn more when we disagree rather than live in a state of bland neutral acceptance.
The moment we can realise we have a problem and we are able to rise to the challenge and do something then that is a moment of personal growth.
Spring is all around us showing bursting buds on the trees and in the hedgerows. The birds are singing in excitement while they seek places to build their nests. Yes the sap is rising and creating new life. It hardly seems possible remembering the incessant rain through the winter months. Nature shows us how to be resilient and trust that things will get better. The sun shine will return.
Soon we will open entries for The 7th Luke Bitmead Writer's Bursary and look forward to reading the work of fledgling writers. Maybe those dark wet months will have inspired some inspirational writing.
We will be posting more news soon..