APRIL: We are proud to now announce THE LUKE BITMEAD FOUNDATION

APRIL: We are proud to now announce THE LUKE BITMEAD FOUNDATION

31 Jul 2020

To have a strong foundation, secure attachment to our prime carer, gives a good opportunity for confidence and self-growth whilst having awareness of the feelings of others.   There is no way of knowing how life will challenge us  but to have been enabled to speak freely about  anything that concerns you, immediately gives an opportunity for improved understanding and hopefully resolution.   This path way, where you are assured that what you say is important is not always available so all those anxieties get internalised, creating the opportunity for mental health problems to develop.


This week has felt like an evolution hearing Prince Harry speaking openly about his trauma following the death of his Mother, Princess Diana and the fact he needed counselling.   It was the amazing journalist, Bryony Gordon that I have been in touch with for a while, who spoke with Prince Harry and maybe he felt relaxed talking to her partly because she is delightful but also because she has been totally open about her own battle with mental health issues.   Prince William said “No more stiff upper lip, our children must talk about their feelings.”     It is truly heart- warming to hear words like this being spoken by people who are demonstrating clearly that wealth and privilege mean nothing if you have anxieties and nobody who will listen, giving you non- judgemental support.    It leaves you feeling desperately alone.

BRYONY GORDON has written a book MAD GIRL available on Amazon.  She speaks openly and with humour about her painful experiences discovering how to cope with the complexity of mental health issues that seem unmanageable and life destroying.

On Sunday it is the London Marathon and many people will be running to raise money and awareness of the charity HEADS TOGETHER  set up by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry.    Mental health is now being addressed more openly.   It is ten years since Luke’s suicide, when he was supposed to be in the care of the NHS.  They sent me home saying don’t worry we’ll look after him.  The doctor didn’t read his notes so allowed him to discharge and then kill himself.   Now things are changing.    Part of that is because talented people like Bryony talk about it, write about it, interview people about it and she is also running in the marathon.    What a story!   READ MAD GIRL.   Learn more about how to keep your mind healthy.


We will soon be presenting two more people who have written important books following life changing trauma in their lives.