31 Jul 2020

As I read emails that have been sent to me since the article about Luke appeared in The Mail on Sunday it becomes more and more clear how the fear of speaking openly about mistakes prevents the opportunity to change and improve things. What is it that prevents us challenging things? Why do we feel we must accept the way things are even if we aren't happy about what has happened. People suffer when their emotions are discounted and so often this starts in our own family. If our emotions are discounted as a child then we grow to believe this is how it will be for us in adulthood unless we discover a way to challenge what has been taught to us through the dynamics in our own family. Psychotherapy and counselling help people to discover how to regulate emotions differently, re-working toxic narratives and building confidence in trusting relationships. It takes time to embed these new ways of thinking in our neural pathways. Maybe if we allowed ourselves the freedom to feel comfortable to seek help when we are not happy in our lives and unable to cope, then early intervention would attend to mental health issues before they escalate and become more difficult to treat.