31 Jul 2020

Inevitably we are all having to change because of Covid-19 and the need for us all is to play an important part in preventing the coronavirus spreading further and causing more loss of life.   To enable us to do this we need encouragement, and inspiration can certainly help as well.   If anyone had asked me where to go for inspiration my thoughts would not have turned to a 99-year-old man.   Captain Tom Moore proved to be the sort of person who hears about a problem and thinks, what can I do to help?   Many people complain without thinking of something positive that they could do.   What if we all thought of how we could do something to help ease the problem rather than expect others to solve it?   Colonel Tom, as he now is, heard about Covid-19 beginning to besiege British hospitals and decided to set up a JustGiving fundraising page.   What did this 99-year-old with a hip replacement decide to do to raise money?   He thought walking up and down his garden with his walking frame 100 times asking for £10 for each completed lap.    He said he hoped to raise a £1,000 but that was optimistic!   Now the NHS will receive over £32 million.   An absolutely phenomenal amount of money.   The story doesn’t end here, Colonel Tom also found himself at number one in the pop charts with his charity rendition of You’ll Never Walk Alone plus an RAF fly- past to celebrate his 100th Birthday.


This year we are unable to give a literary award in memory of Luke because of Covid-19 so I have sent a donation to Colonel Tom for his generosity of spirit that has inspired us all.   The 130,000 birthday cards he received has demonstrated this and the card from the Queen took pride of place.   I know Luke would have been delighted to hear this amazingly uplifting story and be completely in support of us contributing to this astoundingly vibrant man’s way of being a role model for us all.


On 13th May it will be Luke’s birthday and more news will be posted.