31 Jul 2020

Maybe you are thinking - doing what differently? The answer is LIFE. Since Luke's death I have met some wonderfully empathic people who have sustained me through very dark, bleak times. The way they have sustained me is by simply, metaphorically taking my hand and walking with me. The going has been rough sometimes but when I stumbled a hand would steady me and I would regain my balance and walk on looking at the world differently.
It has taught me so much about life and the importance of understanding what really matters. It's people that really matter and the relationships we develop with them. The business of life is the acquisition of memories and we can all choose what it is we think about.
Many people find great pleasure in achieving physical fitness and that is a healthy way to be but along with that is a need for intellectual muscle including an ability to make sense of their feelings. In the UK it can sometimes feel as if our culture floats like a raft of trash on a sea of nonsense, borne by currents of materialistic needs. It seems we live in the age of measurement rather than enlightenment.
There is no algorithm for living but heightened awareness of ourselves and our environment, developing our spirituality and the ability to let go of fear so we can engage with like minded people then all this gives the opportunity to improve the quality of our lives. And there is no financial cost!
Looking at the amazing blue sky on Christmas Day lifted my heart but at the same time I was aware that there were people with flooded homes and no electricity. Maybe if we all develop a stronger moral compass we will be there to offer a steadying hand to people who are in distress and then we in turn can feel confident that when we are in need a hand will be offered to us.