31 Jul 2020

It is the last month for entries for Luke's Bursary this year. The summer solstice passed with magnificent skies. It is a time when hope becomes more believable and hearts can rekindle enthusiasm for life's journey.
Tomorrow JO GATFORD launches her book WHITE LIES it is a book that everyone should read bringing clarity and understanding to a difficult subject. We are proud that she was our 6th Bursary winner.
Here are her words sharing how she feels now knowing her first book has made it to the book shelves.
White Lies is about people who don't know how to talk. Its about all the little white lies we tell ourselves, and each other, to try to gloss over the fact that something might be wrong. Its about not being able to say what we need to say.
When I won the Luke Bitmead Bursary I knew my book had found its home and would be in good hands. Luke's family work towards raising awareness and breaking down taboos around mental health - a cause that resonates personally with me and is the subject of a lot of my writing. When you suffer from mental illness, depression or a cognitive disorder like dementia, you feel trapped. Whether you're trapped inside your head, your body, your family, the health system or society as a whole, its often extremely difficult to make your voice heard. A big part of challenging preconceptions about mental health issues is to help give voice to all those stifled feelings, and I hope that White Lies offers a lesser-seen perspective, and a loud voice, to people in the same kind of situation.
And so, on my book's launch day, I'm feeling extremely grateful to the Luke Bitmead Bursary and to Legend Press for believing in my story and making me feel so welcome, and for letting my voice be heard.