31 Jul 2020

We feel enormously proud to display the front cover of our 7th Luke Bitmead Bursary winner's book. This remarkable book will be published later this year.

Eight years ago after the birth of her first child Tara started to write this book. Now seeing the cover it unsurprisingly stirred deep feelings and here is how Tara described them:
"I get two jolts inside every time I look at the newly-designed cover for Untouchable Things. First: "that's my book!" Second: "that feels like my book". The feel of the book is in the sky, the wind and the splintered shards. I'm absolutely thrilled with it!"
It has been uplifting to receive many messages both from Bursary winners, finalists and supporters of Luke's Bursary following the criticism of what we do in his memory.
It reminded me of a quote that was given to me many years ago "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." It's amazing how sometimes we forget helpful words when we are in a state of shock so thank you for helping me remember.
LOUISE BEECH one of the 7th Bursary finalists sent me sensitive and thoughtful words of encouragement. Then she sent me the brilliant news that following her place as a finalist she has now found a publisher for her book entitled HOW TO BE BRAVE
I remember Louise saying that she felt How to be Brave was the story she was always meant to write. Somehow it seems prophetic that this is the title and it feels there is a strong message there for all of us. Here is the link to read more: