31 Jul 2020

Today we particularly remember Luke and post this picture of him in front of Hong Kong Harbour where he was working as a roofer to finance himself while he was also doing research for THE BODY IS A TEMPLE.
For new visitors to Luke's website his books are available on Amazon at a discount at the moment so a good time to purchase and have an exciting read of the book that WORKING TITLE were considering making into a film.
In this uncertain world we feel tremendously proud to know that with the unfailing support of Tom Chalmers and his creative team at Legend Press we are now focusing on the 8th Luke Bitmead Writers' Bursary.
Following the success of past years, we know the Bursary gives an inner light of possibility to fledgling writers who have experienced many difficulties in succeeding with their dream of becoming a published writer.
We also feel a tingle of excitement knowing we will receive your work to read and assess that will lead us to another Award Night. There we have the opportunity to meet people who have humanity in their hearts; meeting fellow writers enabling them to grow in strength and confidence taking a big step forward in their writing careers.
Submissions now open for the
8th Luke Bitmead Writer's Bursary
Legend Press is delighted to announce the opening of submissions for the Luke Bitmead Bursary Award 2015.
The award was set up shortly after Luke's death in 2006 by his family to support and encourage the work of fledgling novel writers and the Bursary is now the UK's biggest prize for unpublished authors. The top prize is a publishing contract with Legend Press and a £2,500 cash prize.
Luke Bitmead was the first novelist to be published by Legend Press, his novel White Summer was released in 2006 shortly before his death. Two novels have been published posthumously - The Body is a Temple and Heading South (co-authored by Catherine Richards). Information about Luke can be found at www.lukebitmead.com.
The Bursary is in its eighth year and previous winners are Andrew Blackman (On the Holloway Road), Ruth Dugdall (The Woman Before Me), Sophie Duffy (The Generation Game), J.R. Crook (Sleeping Patterns) Joanne Graham (Lacey's House), Jo Gatford (White Lies) and Tara Guha (Untouchable Things).
The award is for adult fiction - no children's books or non-fiction - and the novel must be completed at the time of entry.
Tom Chalmers, Managing Director of Legend Press commented, "In this, Legend Press's tenth year, it is amazing that we are opening up the Bursary Award for the eighth time. What started as a brilliant idea from Luke's family to support aspiring writers, something Luke himself was passionate about, it has developed into one of UK's leading writing competitions. We are proud of the winners and their successes so far and are looking forward to finding the prize's eighth winner."

Submissions from writers will be accepted from 1st May until Saturday 1st August 2015
As the Luke Bitmead Memorial Fund and Legend Press are keen to ensure this important prize continues for many years to come, there will be a £10 entry fee per submission, which will be paid directly to the Luke Bitmead Memorial Fund.
For information about how to enter visit: http://www.legendtimesgroup.co.uk/legend-press/365-luke-bitmead-bursary

If you have any enquires please email bitmeadbursary@legendpress.co.uk