31 Jul 2020

Luke was fascinated by words. We kept a tin in the kitchen and when he heard a word he really liked from the age of about nine he would write the word on a piece of cardboard and keep it in the tin. When there seemed to be a good collection of interesting words he would create a sentence or two that would eventually evolve into a story.
Words are wonderful things but they can be slippery. They may not speak as loudly as actions yet they can certainly whisper themselves insidiously into the wrong ear at the wrong moment. Words have great power but need to be chosen carefully.
Writers get the opportunity to whisper into many ears and tell compelling stories that the reader can interpret in the way that feels right for them.
Now we have opened submissions for Luke's Writer's Bursary we will have a great opportunity to explore fresh talent. Please don't feel intimidated at the thought of presenting your work but seize the opportunity to become a published writer.
We will always miss Luke and feel desperately sad that he isn't here to develop his talent but it is hugely comforting to us to know that again this year we will bring another talented writer out of the shadows. And for those people suffering from depression and other health issues we will continue to shine the spotlight on the need for better understanding and treatment.
It has helped us to have emotional resilience remembering our much loved son in this positive way. Thank you to everyone who remembers Luke. Souls that love live on forever.