November 2017: PRESENTATION

31 Jul 2020

Opportunities to learn from children are there all the time if we choose to seize them.   It was a meaningful experience to spend time with the children of Southrop School.  I came away feeling enriched by the experience of presenting the first Luke Bitmead Literary Award.  After you have watched the short video you will understand when I say,  I now know where to go if I need a drum roll!!   Luke was a brilliant rock drummer so it felt a meaningful connection.

We have now had the judging panel meeting and we are unanimous as to who our winner should be.

The trophy has now been engraved with the winner’s name and we will be presenting this at Southrop School on Friday 3rd November along with book tokens for the five runners up.

We hope to have a short video posted after the event showing the children who wrote the imaginative stories for us to read.

On the 11th anniversary of Luke’s untimely death, 27th October, we placed flowers on his grave and feel proud in the knowledge that many people continue to remember him.   Thank you so much to those people who sent compassionate messages.  

Now a younger generation are helping us remember Luke as we give them a chance to develop their imagination and creativity.    It is an opportunity to reach across the divide of death and allow the energy, the humour and the wonderful memories of Luke to continue to bring us joy.