October 2017

October 2017

31 Jul 2020

Here is the school where we will be presenting the Luke Bitmead Literary Award.   It is a small school with a big intent.  

The intent, under the leadership of

Allan Brown Head Teacher, is to provide a place of learning that embraces the understanding that the development of the brain determines future emotional wellbeing as well as academic learning.    Early interactions with our parents start and continue this important process.   School gives us further experience of interacting with adults, teachers who alongside helping us learn the tools of reading and writing also are part of us developing a social self.

At Southrop School exuberance, competitiveness on the sports field as well as in the classroom is experienced by the children.   Discovering how to regulate your feelings and be aware of the feelings of others is part of the daily experience.



The judging panel will be meeting later this month.    We will announce the results and post the story.   Excitement is mounting!