31 Jul 2020

Looking out of my kitchen window I can see two stunning horse chestnut trees in the copse opposite our house. They are wearing their autumn colours of bronze with auburn high lights; soon they will lose all their leaves and stand bare branched but robustly tolerating the winter gales. Magically when spring arrives their sticky buds will start to burst open revealing unfurling green leaves and glorious white candles. Luke loved these trees and now they seem to symbolise his Bursary. We open for submissions on the 1st May, the month of Luke's birthday and now in October the month Luke died we will announce our ten superb finalists.
I struggle to find words eloquent enough to explain how impressed, humbled and privileged I have been feeling as I have read the personal statements that give us a flavour of the person behind the book they have submitted.
Please know your statements have taken me through a whole gamut of emotions. Thank you for your openness sharing your thought provoking ideas and your belief in the way we are remembering Luke. I feel enriched and inspired reading your words and full of admiration for your tenacity.
Tomorrow our ten finalists will be announced.