31 Jul 2020

After changing the name of Luke’s Charity to the Luke Bitmead Foundation we started to put plans in place to present a literary award in schools.   Knowing how important those early years are and how lost and alone some children can become, we wanted to try and address this.

Inspiration came from listening to children from our village school, Southrop C of E Primary School, chatting together as they walked alongside our garden going to their sports field.

I got in touch with the Head Teacher and discussed the idea of giving a literary award.   He was full of enthusiasm and more meetings followed with other teachers.   Together we agreed the children would be asked to write a story giving them an opening statement about how our minds can play tricks on us.          It will be fascinating to see how they interpret this and I feel sure it will begin some interesting discussions that they will learn from and no doubt we will as well !

I was privileged to be invited to the school to tell the children about our plans and they were absolutely delightful, listening intently, then asking questions and giving their thoughts.   It will be intriguing to read their work and we will post the winner’s story for you to read.

We will be presenting the award in October when it will be the 11th anniversary of Luke’s untimely death.   It will be exciting to stimulate young minds, awakening their interest in knowing how important it is to develop a healthy mind as well as a healthy body enabling them to live enriched lives with an understanding of emotional life.   Our feelings are there to guide us not to be feared.

As the figures for students committing suicide whilst at university, continue to rise, it is clearly paramount to help children develop resilience and it is for us adults to help them do this.   Also remembering, importantly, that adults also have a child inside that needs nurturing.   Awareness of each other’s emotional states and how we affect each other by our responses is a good learning tool that we all need to understand and offer to children.

We will be receiving pictures from the school that we will post in due course.