The 13th May is Luke’s Birthday

31 Jul 2020

Already this May we have opened for entries for THE LUKE BITMEAD WRITER’S and we have launched THE WACKY MAN written by LYN G. FARRELL a book we feel proud to have published.

   Luke’s idea to give a Bursary has given us a wonderfully positive way to remember him and has also given us the opportunity to meet some excitingly talented people including not only writers but film makers as well.   Jannik Schmoller has become a very special friend who has filmed our Bursary Award Night for the last three years and brings his special sensitive qualities, embracing what we are doing to honour Luke that means we will always have a film to remind us of what we have all achieved.

Thank you to everyone that knew Luke and continue to support his Memorial Fund.   Also to those of you who have grown to know Luke and shown, by the generosity of your donations that enable us to continue giving this Bursary, that you believe in what we do.