31 Jul 2020

Thank you to all the vibrant people who came to Hebden Bridge Town Hall for your warmth and spontaneity for Tara's launch of her outstandingly written book, Untouchable Things.   Your empathy as to the essence of the Luke Bitmead Writer's Bursary was very much valued.
Here are some animated pictures of Tara speaking about her journey following winning Luke's Bursary and also reading an excerpt from her book.

Elaine spoke about keeping the secret that Tara had won?  Asking for Tara's forgiveness! And also the importance of better understanding of mental health issues the second strand of the Luke Bitmead Memorial Fund.
Damian, Tara's brother entered fully into the spirit of the evening and did a great job holding the microphone in the right place!!   Thank you.
Our 7th Bursary Winner is launching tomorrow at Hebden Bridge Town Hall Yorkshire.

We are delighted to have received this quote from Tara:
When details of the Luke Bitmead Bursary popped up on Twitter one day I had an immediate sense of connection. Not only was I a would-be writer with a complete first novel all dressed up with nowhere to go, but I was about to start work for Healthy Minds, an independent mental health charity in Halifax, in an anti-stigma role. I've had my own struggles with depression over the years, and frustrated creativity played its part in that. Winning the Bursary gave me something I believe we all need to be mentally healthy: recognition. The sense of validation, that all those years spent scribbling on paper or bashing on a keyboard meant something after all, has transformed the way I feel about myself and the way I relate to the world. Instead of being silenced by the stigma of suicide, Elaine Hanson has channelled her loss and grief into something that can turn other people's lives around. That, to me, is awe-inspiring.