White Summer and Heading South 

Heading South: Book Description

Why am I so lacking in confidence? I mean my legs aren't that fat, my hair isn't that out of control, I'm not hideously ugly or terribly reconstructed by cosmetic surgery. How perfect this quiet country living would be with just a tiny bit less babysitting and a smidgen more sex.

I don't know what made me ask her out. Well I do actually: she's jaw-droppingly fit. Listen to me; I sound like a dirty old man. I suppose that's what several months of celibacy does for you. Or perhaps it's all this fresh country air. Though do you know what made me ask her out, even more than the flirty eyes and curvy bum? It's this nagging feeling that I've seen her before somewhere...

When was life and love ever straightforward? A hilarious comedy also featuring vindictive exes, posh admirers, births, deaths, three dogs, two cats, a pheasant, pony and mallard. 

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Deborah Wright, bestselling author - 'A sparkling romantic comedy that tells both sides of the story - both girls and guys will love it!'

Closer magazine - 'This is a great romantic comedy that will appeal to both sexes.'

Zoe King, Writewords  - 'There's masses of energy in the writing, it's hugely engaging, and...very funny. Heading South is indeed a 'sparkling romantic comedy', perfect for summer reading, and sharing.'

Pen Pusher magazine - 'The battle of the sexes? Or maybe just some hilarious misunderstandings between them! The path of love never did run smooth and Heading South explores and delights in the problems Nick and Cassie have in getting together in such a funny and touching way that this novel is sure to be a big hit.’

Roundtable Review - 'A light-hearted, funny...insightful novel about the minefield that is the dating game.'

James Stone, Waterstone's bookseller - 'Charming! I think that is the one word that would sum up this book.'

Helen Griffiths, N16 magazine - 'Bitmead and Richards skillfully weave together a sweet recounting of two slightly displaced people meeting and falling in love.'

Trashionista - 'I love the idea of books written by a man and woman together and I never would have guessed that each character had been written by the author of the opposite sex.'


White Summer

White Summer: Book Description

'Six o’clock is the watershed, isn’t it? It’s the time we can crack open a beer in the sure knowledge we’re not alcoholics.’

Guy Chamberlain is getting drunk while waiting for life to happen. Then summer arrives and everything takes off. The breath-taking Daisy appears out of nowhere, his sensitive sister starts dating his best friend, his mother’s health takes a turn for the worse, and the exuberant ‘Kathy’ makes it clear she has marriage on her mind. Guy finds that once life starts, it’s not so easy to stop…

‘White Summer’ is a fast-paced and vibrant comedy that offers an hilarious insight into infatuation, sex, hangovers, dead-end jobs and making ill-advised decisions that come back to hurt. This is a story for those who have lived but won’t learn. 

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Deborah Wright, bestselling author - 'Great stuff. Wonderfully witty and sexy.'

Roundtable - ‘Reading White Summer is like a breath of fresh air.’ www.roundtablereview.co.uk/edition_3/fiction/summer.html

Fitzrovian News - ‘Immensely readable, entertaining for both the male and female audience.’

Leicester Mercury - ‘Luke Bitmead has produced a novel of wit and pace.’

Emily Jolliffe, BBC Oxford Radio - ‘White Summer is a page-turner, punctuated with humorous incidents that will ring true to all men and women.’

Essence Magazine - ‘A sparkling debut from an author with an eye for detail and wit.’


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