Message: "hey Luke, Ben told me about the book so i bought and read it and really enjoyed it, very funny and very astute! have recommended it to my family and friends. hope it's all going well for you."

Lucy White


Message: "Congratulations on going into print. I remember you struggling away at Pinewood so all your hard work was worthwhile. I look forward to reading White Summer"

Jim Bischoff

Message: "Hi Luke, I so enjoyed your book launch last week. I hope that White Summer now flies off the shelves - it's a great read!"

Ed Mawle

Message: Well done on reaching the world of the famous!!! The book is hilarious and I couldn't put it down! Good luck with everything and God bless.

Charlie Berry

Message: Hi Luke,
I've now finished the book too - loved it !!! Found it addictive!! My little trips into Cirencester will now have a completely new meaning .... !!! Katy x

Katy Berry

Message: Thank you so much for the picture in your gallery. We are happy! Have a great time, bye!

Message: You did it, i knew you would =-) I read it in two days and couldn't put
it down. Well done and I look forward to the sequel,
P.S Don't think the comment about Taureans is true!

Message: Hi Luke,
Remember me? An Author eh? Good for you! You look happy in the photos.
Glad to hear you are still playing the drums too. I took some time off from
music but I am back into it now. I still remember the Gunslinger and Unkle Funk days. University was a blast.
Hope to hear from you soon. In the meantime have a look at
All the best

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